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Keep in good healthy
Release time:2017-11-01 16:50:21

Two billion people suffer from "hidden hunger" or micronutrient malnutrition. They get enough nutrients from their diet (carbohydrates, protein and fat), but not enough micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), which are critical to health.
In pregnancy, childbirth, infancy and childhood, hidden hunger can lead to more frequent, more serious illnesses and complications.
The national fungus engineering research center is dedicated to the development of sustainable agriculture, which is the raw material for the cultivation of edible fungi and medicinal bacteria that are rich in protein and carbohydrate. The farmer grows the fungus grass, can both promote the edible fungus and the medicinal fungus planting processing industry, also can promote the animal husbandry and the feed industry development. The promotion of hymns technology to enhance the nutrition intake of "hidden hunger" high-risk groups has created favorable conditions for developing countries to achieve sustainable development goals.

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