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  3. The ninth international fungus industry development BBS was held in Beijing
The ninth international fungus industry development BBS was held in Beijing
Release time:2017-12-04 14:31:35

JunCao center by the state, the ministry of education (foster) for strategic studies, university of international business and economics "Chinese open economy and international cooperation in science and technology strategy research", and the world of green investment and trade promotion association jointly organized "the 9th international BBS JunCao industry development", on April 28, was held in Beijing foreign economic and trade university.

Famous economist, foreign economic and trade university vice-chancellor Liu Ya, green world investment and trade promotion association executive chairman, former vice-minister of ministry of transportation Xin yuan, the green Hu Shiying, chairman of the council for the promotion of trade and investment, China's special envoy of the Caribbean, former Chinese ambassador to Papua New Guinea, Jamaica zhen-yu zhao, deputy director general of the ministry of commerce foreign aid more than should be f respectively delivered a speech at the meeting; Rwanda's ambassador to China, Francois. X.N garambe, Fiji embassy counsellor Newmi lewenli, lesotho embassy counselor Matsepang Sekhokoane, the Egyptian ambassador to China cultural counsellor, Mohamed G.A bouali and from Iran, Iraq, Brazil, Pakistan, Korea, Nepal, Vietnam, Ghana, south Sudan, Fiji, such as experts and scholars in 22 countries, as well as domestic enterprises association and business on behalf of a total of nearly 300 people were present at the BBS.

In his speech, vice President liu said that "China open and international cooperative strategy research center" is one of the 13 strategic research s approved by the ministry of education. The industrialization development and internationalization of fungus technology is of great significance to solve many world problems, so it is a great honor to host this BBS for fungus technology.

JunCao technology inventor, chief scientist at the national center for JunCao Lin he introduced JunCao technical generation and development of foreign economic and trade university professor Xia Youfu gave "promote the global development of JunCao industry", the national development and reform commission, the national public nutrition development center director, researcher Yu Xiaodong JunCao technology and nutrition and health industry development of Singapore's pioneer investment co., LTD. Director Du Liangfeng made the JunCao technology in the development of biomass energy industry "speech, a professor at Peking University zhi-bin Lin has made the cultivation of ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide peptide JunCao pharmacological research of the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of import and export food safety administration Qin Zhenkui made a report" JunCao technology and animal husbandry development, sichuan university, professor Shang Huazhao submitted "JunCao integrated technology and the Yangtze river comprehensive control of soil and water loss, the written speech, in addition, from the ministry of agriculture, the Brazilian academy of agricultural sciences in Iraq and Iran experts to speak.

According to the experts, the development of the fungus technology over the past 30 years has formed a complete comprehensive supporting technology, which has ushered in a new discipline, the mycelia. It is a global significance of technological change, effectively break the "contradiction" JunLin this worldwide problem, realized the "plant, animal, fungus" virtuous cycle, help to ease food shortages, food safety and nutrition, health and other major difficulty in the world; To alleviate the world's major ecological environment problems such as desertification and soil erosion; To solve the problem of biomass energy supply, create a lot of space for new energy development. The comprehensive technology of the fungus has great industrialization prospect in the world.

Experts suggest that the state JunCao comprehensive technology to give further attention and support, at the same time of constantly enhance the level of advanced technology, to training JunCao technology industry as the strategic emerging industries, and as a new social economic growth point in the future; JunCao technology into the ecological restoration and renovation and carried out the large-scale demonstrations, at the same time actively promote using JunCao technology of major projects, such as: desertification and soil erosion of the Yellow River management major projects, grassland desertification and degradation management major projects, a number of one million mu of energy grass project, comprehensive grass for wood production fungus promotion major projects, JunCao comprehensive technology in the development of animal husbandry projects, etc.

During the BBS, Lin he, Xia Youfu experts and scholars and also part of the enterprises and local government representatives, focusing on how to apply JunCao comprehensive technology research, explore and docking "production" on the spot, has made gratifying achievements.