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China - United Nations peace and development fund fungus technology project launched
Release time:2018-2-9

International online reports (China Radio International Qian Shanming) : on May 26, the Chinese mission to the United Nations and the United Nations economic and social affairs at the United Nations headquarters jointly launched China - the UN development fund for peace and JunCao technology project, held a seminar for the first time. China's u.n. ambassador liu "an ambassador, China - the UN development fund for peace and steering committee chairman, the secretary general of the United Nations office director d foti, South Africa's u.n. ambassador, ambassador maggie, charge d 'affaires of Fiji's ambassador to the United Nations delegation unni, ambassador lu and other permanent representative and the United Nations food and agriculture organization (fao), on behalf of the United Nations environment programme (unep) and other international organizations and countries resident team officials, etc. A total of more than 100 guests attended.

In his speech, ambassador liu said that in September 2015, the UN development summit adopted the 2030 agenda for sustainable development. Chinese President xi jinping attended the 70th anniversary of the UN summit series announced the Chinese side to help developing countries implement the important practical measures of sustainable development goals, set up between China and the United Nations peace and development funds. At present, the fund has been put into operation, the first batch of 13 projects were launched, involving the implementation of the sustainable development agenda in 2030, to promote scientific and technological innovation in developing countries, and many other areas, to promote the work of the United Nations and multilateralism make an important contribution.

Ambassador liu said that JunCao technology project is one of the important projects, fund focus on and promote the universal concern of all developing countries to eliminate poverty and hunger reduction, utilization of renewable energy and promote jobs and address issues such as climate change, combined with the specific conditions in Africa, Asia and other developing countries and needs, positive contribution "plan of China", to help developing countries to crack development difficult problem, the full implementation of the sustainable development agenda in 2030, promote the development of global business. JunCao technology project has huge potential, China is looking forward to this seminar for JunCao project step up good, establish the follow-up implementation mechanism and the contact network, accelerate JunCao technology projects, make the project better serve to carry out the sustainable development agenda in 2030, the benefit of the people in developing countries, to contribute more to build a community of human destiny.

The delegates actively evaluated the importance of the mycelia technology project to achieve sustainable development goals such as poverty eradication and hunger, food security, combating desertification and combating climate change. United Nations secretary general, said d foti, director of the office JunCao technology in Fiji successful landing, South Africa, and many other developing countries, and to improve the national food security, improve public nutrition level and realize the farmers' income has played an important role, has brought a wide range of economic, social and environmental benefits. The next step is to promote the project of hymns technology under the technical promotion mechanism of the United Nations technology innovation multi-stakeholder BBS to better benefit the people of developing countries.

Ambassador margiela considered the project a "revolutionary" technology that has made important contributions to helping South Africa combat desertification, provide biofuels and raise public income and health standards. JunCao technology projects has become the model of south-south cooperation, the future for the full implementation of developing countries to eliminate hunger and improve nutrition status and promote sustainable agriculture sustainable development goals play a bigger role.

Ambassador dunivaru said that the technical project of the fungus was directly concerned by the leaders of the two countries, which produced positive economic and social benefits in a short period of time and improved the living standards of the people of Fiji. Fungus technology is produced in China, but it has made important contribution to global sustainable development goals. Fiji's institutions of higher learning have been able to train the technical talents of the fungus. We hope that the fungus technology will be better implemented and benefit more countries and people.

Seminar, national engineering research center for JunCao chief scientist of he Lin introduces JunCao technology project "with grass for wood", develop clean energy and sustainable agricultural technical characteristics, such as to cause the guests positive response. The delegates expressed their positive intention to cooperate actively and promote the project of mycobacterium technology in their country.