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Xinhuanet 2017-05-07 : Lin won the
Release time:2017-11-21

Sponsored by the ministry of commerce of China first "neighbourhood" all the way along the national JunCao technology training class 15 in fujian agriculture and forestry university, from 6 countries including Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Fiji 22 students will attend here for 56 days JunCao technical training.

The fungus technology is the original technology of China's completely independent intellectual property rights. It was invented by Lin, a researcher of fujian agriculture and forestry university in 1986. The fungus technology can effectively solve the "myelin contradiction" in the production of the fungus, and has the advantages of strong adaptability, short term, ecological benefit and high economic benefit. 30 years JunCao technology, it has become a "grass for wood" medicinal food bacteria cultivation, extended to JunCao ecological management, JunCao fungus feed with JunCao biomass energy development and so on, a series of research results at home and abroad reached leading level.

He introduces, Lin JunCao technology through international cooperation, foreign aid and training, has spread to "neighbourhood" all the way along much of the country, and by the Chinese government and the UN as China, the United Nations peace and development fund projects.

Lin said that since the invention of the fungus technology, there have been 109 training courses in China and 6,602 trainees. The fungus technology has been applied in more than 400 counties (cities and districts) in China. Since October 1994, China used to conduct a technical training course for developing countries, to aid for aiding the poor with technology, has been at home and abroad to undertake the 48 JunCao technical aid training classes, a total of 1495 students in 87 countries to participate in the study.

Training students on behalf of the director of the department of agriculture administration, Sri Lanka wei da er raz red, sa, said aidaa JunCao technology is a kind of environmentally friendly technology, and is related to poor people in developing countries, hope that through JunCao technology, all countries unite together to fight poverty and unemployment.

On May 26, Lin (he also will be held in the United Nations headquarters "executive development agenda in 2030: enhance use JunCao technology to the development of sustainable agriculture in developing countries reduce poverty and promote productive employment ability" lecture.