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The ministry of agriculture's foreign economic cooperation center led the investigation
Release time:2018-06-22

On July 12 in the afternoon, the agriculture department of foreign economic cooperation center hong-tao li, deputy director of the line to the national JunCao engineering research center, fujian agriculture and forestry university of China aid Fiji JunCao technical cooperation projects. Fujian agriculture and forestry university vice-chancellor wen-hsiung Lin, fujian agricultural Lin Lianghang, head of the foreign economic cooperation center, national JunCao engineering center head of each department and Fiji JunCao accompanied by relevant experts research technical cooperation project.

Listened to countries such as discussion, hong-tao li JunCao engineering center signing Fiji JunCao on technical cooperation team of Lin sen signing Fiji JunCao technical cooperation a phase of the project implementation and the phase ii project of preparation is introduced, and details about working and living conditions of experts during signing the Fijian. He spoke highly of the experts who had worked hard and worked hard for the first time. Hong-tao li said, I am in Fiji during business trip, just to hear your this project, our business department leadership of the Chinese embassy in Fiji and the local government and the masses to you a very good evaluation, establish a good image of the foreign aid project in China. He hopes countries JunCao engineering center in the implementation of phase ii project, can be more closely combined with the local actual, pays special attention to the project construction at the same time, don't forget to marketing, to explore the anz market let JunCao project in Fiji play a bigger benefit, realize sustainable development. It is hoped that the relevant departments of the fujian provincial government should actively relieve the experts' work life. Li hongtao also made an in-depth discussion on how to promote China's agricultural foreign economic cooperation.