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The ministry of agriculture's foreign economic cooperation center led the invest
On July 12 in the afternoon, the agriculture department of foreign economic cooperation center hong-tao li, deputy di...
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In 2017, the development of Chinese fungus grass industry development officials
The 21-day development of the development of the national fungus industry development officials was completed on July...
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2017 One Belt And One Road line of national seagrass technology training course
The 55-day national fungus technology training course in the "One Belt And One Road" was successfully completed in th...
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Our school will be a new chapter in the national
On May 16, Fiji's embassy in China hosted a welcome reception for the Fijian prime minister of Fiji bb1, which was in...
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Zhang quanxing, academician of the Chinese academy of engineering, visited the n
May 10, the Chinese academy of engineering, quan-xing zhang, a professor at nanjing university, nanjing university, d...
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