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Declared, science and technology department of fujian province 2 national engineering research center for JunCao settled in fujian province, Peugeot China has the JunCao technology research and development and industrialization of independent intellectual property rights to enter a new development period.

In July 2011, the national science and technology department organized experts to review the national fungus engineering technology center in fujian province, and passed the defense in November.

Lin he researcher told reporters, after the completion of national engineering research center for JunCao will strive to improve the ability of engineering and industrialization, improve its service ability, open China international aid service cooperation ability to help developing countries, combined closely with the technology and economy.

Fujian province is the birthplace of new technology, which was invented by Lin, a researcher at fujian agriculture and forestry university and known as the "father of the world's fungus". This technique has successfully solved the world's problem of "myelin contradiction". It has made great contributions to solve human poverty and protect human "lungs", such as grass and wood.

After nearly 30 years of innovative research and development, the technology has been mature, selected from tens of thousands of kinds of weeds out nearly 60 kinds of weeds can replace wood) bacteria, and expand the JunCao research and use of cultivation, the production in, engaged in the soil and water conservation, desertification control, ecological protection, and disaster prevention and reduction to develop new biomass energy, etc., has more than 70 issue of the system research, create a new subject -- JunCao study, developed the international leading JunCao integrated technology.

At present, the invented by the Chinese and new technologies with independent intellectual property rights, has 32 provinces (cities) in China 370 counties (city) application promotion, and spread to the world more than 80 countries, in Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Rwanda, Kenya, lesotho, production model and the five countries to establish JunCao technologies such as technical training and so on the international aid cooperation projects. (sun xianxun wong)