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Introduction to the national research center for fungus engineering

National engineering research center for JunCao is built d on a fujian agriculture and forestry university, China's only state-level JunCao technology research platform (hereinafter referred to as the "national JunCao center"), the existing fixed staff of 110 people, a visiting staff 36 people, have 184 sets of equipment, has strong JunCao engineering technical force and a complete product research and development conditions, with the domestic and foreign research institutes, enterprises to establish a wide range of cooperative relations.

Fungus technology is a mature and excellent foreign aid program for agricultural technology. Has, in the center of the eight countries to establish demonstration s or hosted the 153 international training course, has trained 5810 people in 101 countries, seven heads of state to visit fujian agriculture and forestry university, technology was translated into fifteen languages. Cooperation with government departments, universities and research institutes in more than 40 countries, including Egypt, Malaysia, South Korea and the Netherlands; The 14th international symposium on the development of the fungus industry and BBS; To organize academic seminars in Brazil, Egypt, Mexico and other countries; To receive experts and scholars from different countries as visiting scholars or visiting professors to conduct cooperative research; Scholarships for international students in developing countries.

The goal of the center is to build a first-class engineering technology research and development platform, a first-class talent training and a first-class cooperation and service platform. Through technological innovation, engineering and technology integration, it has become a leading source of Chinese fungus industry and a source of technological innovation. Through developing both at home and abroad to undertake major national scientific research project, technical cooperation and communication, and cultivate a batch of JunCao with production practice ability and high quality engineering and technical personnel, the formation of JunCao engineering technology research and development of continuous innovation ability, scientific and technological progress and promote industry JunCao emerging industry rapid development, services and foreign aid work for aiding the poor with technology at the same time.